Stamina etc. training includes a variety of exercises for cardio, strengthening, stretching and recovery.

Familiar to life

We use body movements that feel familiar,
natural and keep you free from injury. 
The movements are based on actions from daily life and are easy to tailor for any level of fitness.

Our training methods are:

Unlike any work out you’ll find at the gym

Based on ‘loaded movement training’, we use whole body, task-oriented movement, integrating all muscle groups rather than a linear approach of building isolated muscle strength.

Full of variety

In addition to loaded movement training, we draw on techniques from other disciplines such as body weight exercises, yoga, cycling and high intensity interval training. This provides engaging and efficient sessions that never get boring!

A healthy relationship

We help you enjoy exercise by listening carefully to your goals and your needs. Each session we check in with your recovery, nutrition, hydration and emotions to nurture a healthy relationship with exercise.

About loaded movement training:

This unique method of training was developed by Michol Dalcourt, founder of the Institute of Motion and professor
of Sports Science at the University of San Francisco.

Growing up on a farm in Canada, Michol discovered that the top hockey teams he adored owed their strength and success to their lifestyle. They were all farmers! Over the season break instead of going to the gym like other teams, they worked on
the farm, lifting hay bails, digging and working their whole body with purpose.

Michol researched, recreated and developed these movements so they could be replicated in anyone’s work out.

He developed weighted equipment that is easy to handle and increases the intensity and efficiency of  every training session.

At Stamina etc. we use Michols ViPR’s as well as a variety of equipment including sandbells, balls, hoops and bungee ropes to develop different types of strength, motion and coordination.

Loaded movement exercises feel familiar and can increase awareness of how to maximise movements in day-to-day life.